Stop Wrestling With Debt!

Bruce Prichard can save you thousands!


Lower Your Monthly Payments!

Well, you know… You save hundreds of dollars every month with you know… a better rate and you know… even get rid of your PMI! You know.

“Future Endeavor” ALL of Your Debt!


If you “used to be over” the limit, we can help you consolidate credit cards and all of your other debt, even help you get the cash you need for Home Improvements or anything else!

Skip Your Next TWO House Payments!


Wouldn’t it be nice to pocket that cash for two months? Not a rib.

Here’s Something to Wrestle with…

No rumor and innuendo, just savings with a better mortgage!

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Doot Doot Doot – This is Fast & Easy!

This is no cost or obligation and you may not even need an appraisal!

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Pay Your House Off Faster!

Throw it in your “Google machine,” paying your house off faster saves you tens of thousands!

  • Reduce Your Monthly Payments!

  • Lower Your Interest Rate!

  • Cut Years Off of Your Loan!

  • Consolidate Your Debt!

  • Stop Making the Minimum Payments!

  • Get a Greater Tax Deduction!

  • Get Rid of Your Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)!

It’s Always Savings-Mania Season!

  • Skip Your Next Two House Payments!

  • Credit Scores in the 500s OK!

  • Buy a Home with NO MONEY DOWN!

  • You May Not Need an Appraisal!

  • Home Improvements With No Money Out of Pocket!

  • Get Cash for College Tuition or Anything Else!

You Don’t Need “Absolutely  Perfect” Credit!


We make “chicken salad” with less than perfect credit.  Families with Late Payments, Judgments, Collections, Foreclosure, and even Bankruptcy can still save thousands!

Own a Home with NO MONEY DOWN!


Who cares who drew the house?  Isn’t it time you owned one? Stop throwing your money away on rent TODAY!

You’re Just A Few Clicks Away!

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I can’t say enough good things! 

They made everything so incredibly easy and stress free. I am always away and traveling and on different time zones but they would be there at the drop of a hat whenever I needed anything. An absolute gentle man and good human. I would recommend them in a heart beat.

Rebecca Quin

You guys did my mortgage, did a great job and really changed my situation for the better.

Dave from NC

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